No more ‘parippuwa’ - 7 new ways of Dhal for 7 days

As the local jargon goes, has eating dhal become a real ‘parippuwa’!! In a country where ‘rice and curry’ is on every ones daily menu, the ‘Dhal’ vegetable is usually prepared in the same way, every time.  

Its common taste and look makes it a boring accompaniment. Though an important component as a ‘white/kirata curry’, it goes unnoticed and is often over looked. Knorr has come to the rescue and is on an exciting culinary revolution to introduce 7 unique ways of experiencing the wholesome goodness of this surprisingly versatile lentil. Try these new recipes and taste the difference.

1. Parippu Ball Curry

This is similar to a meatball curry except the protein is Dhal. Delicious in flavor and goes well with rice, string hoppers or even with naan and crusty bread. If you do not add the coconut milk, these deep fried balls can be eaten as a crunchy ‘bite’. View recipe

2. Scrambled Parippu

The egg and vegetables in this recipe add nutritional value plus taste and texture. It is excellent in an Astra sandwich or as an accompaniment for rice and noodles. View recipe

3. Parippu Spread

Gives the appearance of a cheese spread and its smooth consistency makes it a perfect filler for sandwiches and buns. You can even top it up with vegetables like tomato or lettuce or add meats like chicken and beef to make a ‘club/layered sandwich’. View recipe  

4. Parippu Mallum

Having a ‘mallum’ with a rice and curry meal is a given. This recipe is a delicious twist resulting in a mallum with a difference. Flavored with mustard seeds, onions, garlic and green chillies, you are sure to enjoy this with some warm rice. View recipe

5. Parippu Spring Onion Curry

This unusual combination goes really well with some fluffy Basmati rice or with flour based items like bread, parata, naan and roti. View recipe 

6. Parippu Rotti

No more ordinary rottis for breakfast and dinner. This tasty option is super healthy too. Dhal is known to be high in protein but low in fat making it a vey nutritious meal. It can be enjoyed with a meat curry or just as is. View recipe

7. Devilled Parippu

Don’t we all love a dish with a ‘kick’ to it? This recipe provides just that. Similar to a traditional ‘thel dhala’, this can be eaten with bread or rice. As it does not include coconut milk, it can be stored in the fridge for some time. View recipe