Chef W.K. Chathurika Anuradha

Knorr Kitchen

For the love of food and flavour

There is a special place in our heart for flavours inside carefully selected ingredients and spices, and the aroma of dinner floating through your living room.

We Love Food, the Way You Love Food

We understand the care and attention you put into creating that perfect meal for the ones that matter the most to you, be it your family, friends, relatives or guests. We appreciate all the experimenting you do to keep those meal times interesting and exciting. In other words you love everything about food and flavour and so do we.

It All Starts With Great Ingredients

What sets apart a deliciously memorable meal from all the others? Flavour. And what better way to maximize flavour other than using the best and freshest of ingredients? This is why we go that extra mile knowing it means a much more pleasurable meal for you and your family.

To obtain the best flavours you would need the best ingredients. We have over a thousand farms across the globe, which means we get the pick of the crop. We go to immeasurable lengths to make sure the veggies and herbs we use are sealed with flavour. The meat and maldive fish we use is the freshest of its kind.

Our Passionate Chefs

Our Knorr global team of chefs adds up to more than 300 who are a truly creative and gifted team, professionally trained to the highest standard, with years of experience in prize winning restaurants and hotel kitchens.

Inspired by personal experiences and exposures, our chefs create recipes based on various food cultures around the globe. Our local team of Chefs including Chef Chathurika, Chef Kapila and Chef Saman, with their combined years of expertise, offer flavourful understanding in creating interesting variations of traditional recipes comprising of all nutritional elements of a home cooked meal. Knorr is committed to offer you nothing but the best with this winning team.

Extraordinary Lengths

Extraordinary lengths – the words we use to describe how we make delicious, flavourful food. Two words that always mean going the extra mile, not accepting mediocrity – a belief shared by everyone at Knorr; from our hard working farmers to our dedicated chefs.

By investing in sustainable farming processes, reducing and recycling our packaging, and lowering the amount of our greenhouse gas emissions we are continuously working towards decreasing our impact on the environment. A cleaner world means you get higher quality food products, and that is what we want too.

A Little Help from Knorr

We are happy to help you bring the flavour and joy of good and wholesome food to the meals you serve to family and friends. Whether you’re an experienced cook or you occasionally help out with getting dinner ready, you’re always assured of great tasting meals with Knorr- we’re always happy to help!