Fun food ideas for the holidays

It’s the longest holiday of the year and having to prepare a gamut of meals whilst finding ways to entertain the kids is certainly no ‘piece of cake’! So, how exciting would it be, if we give you ways to combine both activities!  From breakfast to dinner, and everything in between, check out these innovative ways to make food fun and enjoyable to eat. 

Sunny pancakes 

Dress up the pancake with sun rays made of strawberries or oranges.  Face can be made with fruit too. 

Cookie cutter sandwiches 

Use any large cookie cutter shape to cut out the bread and fill with meats, eggs or cheese. 

Rainbow dog

Slice a hot dog into 1”-inch pieces, and then place in a bun. Pipe alternating lines of mayonnaise and ketchup between each piece to create a colorful “rainbow” dog.

Rice and veggies 

Serve white, red or yellow rice, with a picture on design (use cookie cutters or knife) using boiled veggie slices of potato, beetroot or beans and cucumber. Great with deep fried chicken drumsticks or grilled fish. 

Nest Noodles 

Arrange the noodles in the form of a nest and place boiled eggs or cutlets in middle. Use ketchup to draw the beak and eyes to look like baby birds. 

Tomato dada/mama 

Scoop out the centre of half a tomato and fill it with a mixture of parmesan, breadcrumbs and garlic powder and top with grated cheese. Use olives for eyes, mouth and nose. Place on baking sheet. Place the cooked pasta on the baking sheet in whatever style you'd like (curly, long , straight etc). Bake for 8-10 mins. Transfer the tomato halves to a plate to cool for a few minutes and add the spaghetti hair to the tomato top to create a funky style.


Cut a variety of ingredient’s consisting of meats, veggies and fruits and let them prepare their own kebabs.