The Secret to Making Veggies a Dinner Time Hero


A home- made Christmas with kids

Owning to all the fun and excitement associated with Christmas time, it is one holiday that everyone looks forward to. Delicious food and treats, presents and mingling with loved ones are what this seasons all about. Christmas is also the perfect time to involve your kids with your cooking tasks and here are some ways how;

Making the Christmas cake

Measuring, pouring, mixing, stirring and tasting…Kids will absolutely love being a part of creating this traditional cake.  Older kids can also help cut and chop ingredients. 

Create a special Christmas menu

Incorporate your kids' input into your family's menu for Christmas Eve, morning and the special lunch or dinner.  

Grocery shopping 

Have kids help with the ingredient shopping of the decided menu. (Packaged items like sugar, flour, cheese, butter, grains or spices etc.) 

Prepping the day before 

Delegate age appropriate prep activities in the kitchen.Kids can assist in; 

- Adding spices to marinate meats and mixing them all in. 

- Washing the vegetables, salad leaves and fruits. 

- Chopping vegetables, onion, garlic, ginger etc. in advance.

- Making Christmas cookies or sweets like milk toffee and coconut rocks. 

Setting the table 

Encourage the kids to set the table with a colorful table cloth, Christmassy décor, special cutlery and crockery. Older kids can help in washing and cleaning of the glass or ceramic ware prior and the younger ones can assist in polishing the silverware. 

Garnishing the food

on Christmas day, let the kids: 

- Assemble simple appetizers such as skewered prawns or olives, beef or chicken kebabs, cheese and tomato on a cracker etc. 

- Garnish cocktails/drinks with strawberry/mint leaves etc. or prepare a fruit punch. 

- Make the salad or sprinkle herbs like coriander/parsley in soups or add plums/nuts to the rice dish.

Serving the guests

Kids can arrange appetizers on a platter, serve the main dishes to the table and assist in cleaning up after.