It’s Aluth Avurudu time… New Taste for the New Year

The Sinhala and Tamil New year is a much loved and anticipated religious festival. Celebrating all things new, from the sprucing up of homes, to the frenzy of buying new utensils and clothes, to the rush of finding the perfect gift, Avurudu is an exciting time for all. 

Won’t it be wonderful if this same spirit of ‘newness’ is represented in the food you serve to your family and loved ones? Venture out of your comfort zone and try something special. Use Knorr Maldivefish Powder Mix when preparing lunumiris and taste the difference…your Aluth Avurudu breakfast will never be the same again! To continue in the fun and fellowship that the New Year brings, Knorr has come out with a complete menu that is a combination of exciting new flavours and ingredients that will make the special meal of ‘avurudu lunch’ simply unforgettable…a lasting memory to take you through the New Year.

Sweet and Spicy Date Rice 

A ‘tug-of-war’ of flavor for your tongue, the taste of two extremes, sweet and spicy, will certainly be a delightful combination. The date fruit and Knorr Chinese chili mix adds richness to this celebratory rice and is the perfect base of this meal.

Sizzling Sesame Chicken

Avurudu is all about bold colours and festive sounds of crackers, drum beats and song. This ‘sizzling’ dish of a deep red hue, garnished with fresh greens, is kind of a representation of this celebration. This fiery dish will certainly light up your taste buds.  

Fried Coconut Chili Prawns 

The coconut plays an important role in Lankan cuisine and is featured in many special dishes eaten during the New Year. It’s the hero of this dish too, used in an unique way, the fried coconut adds a brand new flavor to this yummy prawn dish. 

Keselmuwa Seenisambol

An old family favourite revitalised using keselmuwa and Knorr Umbalakada powder. This innovative recipe will be a definite crowd pleaser and may even make your ‘achchi’ proud! 

Baby Potato and Green Pea Curry 

This colourful ‘kirata’curry, ensures the perfect balance of the entire meal and is a great vegetable combination. A step away from the usual dhal or potato curry, this dish is a full of flavour and goodness.   

Nutty Fresh Vegetable Salad with Roasted Peanuts

Avurudu is a time of togetherness, where differences are set aside. In similar fashion, three elements, fruit, veg and nuts come together and create a perfect dish..Harmony on a plate!

Handy Hints:

  • If trying a new recipe, it will be advisable to do a prior ‘trial run’ so that you are confident of turning out a perfect dish on the day.
  • Meats can be cleaned and marinated, vegetables cut up etc, the day before, to save on cooking time. 
  • Reduce your workload on New Year’s Day by decorating the avurudu lunch table and laying out the cutlery and crockery in advance. 
  • When serving sweetmeats use decorative trays/plates, cane plates, or white dishes covered with coloured tissue paper for an attractive presentation.
  • The table and serving ware can also be decorated with traditional flowers like araliya, nelum and manel for added beauty.
  • Try using the fragrant ‘suwadal’ rice when preparing kiribath for a whole new flavour. Instead of the traditional diamond shape, you can use cookie cutters in shapes of flowers or stars for a more fun appearance.