Knorr Maldive Fish powder – For any dish as you wish

As Lankans, haven’t we all fallen hook, line and sinker for the unique taste that Maldive fish brings to our home favourites pol sambol, seeni sambol and lunumiris?  

So why limit it to just a few tried and tested dishes..with Knorr Maldive Fish Powder mix, relishing it in any and every dish is now a possibility. Here’s why it’s a winner;

It’s got moves! You can cook with it, use to flavor batter when frying, temper or just sprinkle on a variety of dishes for added pizzazz.  

A definite smooth operator! Easily mixed into butter or a cheese spread, its result is a delicious base to buns, bread and pizza or even as a dip for crackers. 

Taste in every bite
Hits the jackpot every time! No more hoping to bite into a piece of Maldive fish when enjoying your paan and pol sambol! Knorr Maldive Fish Powder infuses any dish and its distinct flavor can be experienced consistently in every mouthful.

Clean & guaranteed quality 
Top notch product with trusted quality and goodness. No suspicious looking spots or fungus to worry about. 


No hard-core labour needed! It is ready to use, easy to store and a real time saver. 


The famous saying ‘nothing good comes cheap’ is not applicable here! Knorr Maldive Fish Powder mix comes in sachets at a very nominal price. You can purchase it in small quantities, as and when required so there is no wastage.