7 ways to make sure you buy quality chicken


Buying Quality Chicken

Shopping for the best quality chicken is tricky. These 7 tips will help you single out and pick the best, every time.

Shopping for the best quality chicken is tricky. Chicken which is packaged and stored under the wrong conditions can really affect the taste of your dish. These 7 tips will ensure you get fresh cuts of poultry, every time.

How to select the best quality chicken:

  1. The breast of the bird should be plump.
  2. The skin should be unbroken and pink as appearance is everything. If the skin is transparent or patchy do not buy it.
  3. Smell it. Fresh chicken would not have a smell.
  4. The flesh should not have cuts or bruises.
  5. Frozen chicken should be rock hard. Make sure it does not have freezer burns either.
  6. The chicken should be individually wrapped and the wrapping should be intact.
  7. Excess liquid inside the wrapping or containing bag indicates that the chicken has been thawed and re-frozen. It is best you stay away from purchasing chicken which is in this condition.