How to revamp your leftovers

Instead of trashing your leftovers or simply reheating, why not transform them into a tasty new meal? It’s a brilliant way to reduce waste in terms of food, help stretch your budget and save time in the kitchen! Here are some easy, delicious ways to make yesterday’s meal into a whole new dish. 


These really are a one pot wonder! Works well with leftover meats or seafood, vegetables and Italian dishes. Mix up the leftover food with some cooked pasta or rice, top with cheese and bake at 350F until the top is brown.

Fried rice

Leftover rice makes a tasty base for a quick meal. Use any meat or vegetable, scramble in an egg, add the rice and some soy sauce. 


Boiled veggies, cooked meat, or even Thai, Chinese or Indian leftovers would be delicious wrapped in a tortilla or flatbread with some spinach or salad leaves.  


If you have leftover vegetables or greens, whip an egg and some cheese into it for a tasty scrambled egg dish or a frittata.


Combine leftover meats, vegetables and leafy greens and top with some nuts or avocado. Use a splash of olive oil and lemon, a vinaigrette, mayo, pesto etc. (dressing of your choice), for added flavour. 

Bread bakes/sandwiches

Grease a baking dish and fill with torn bread. Cook some leeks, or any vegetables in some heated butter. Pour on bread. Beat together eggs, milk and cheddar. Season, then pour over the bread and bake for 15-20 mins until golden and puffy. Serve with ketchup. 
Any leftover protein, with some tomato and salad leaf will do the trick! Mayonnaise, ketchup or a cheese spread is optional.