7 ways of dhal for 7 days

Are you tired of eating dhal the same way, every day? Like rice, dhal or parippu as it’s more popularly known, is a staple everyday dish in most Sri Lankan homes. Its traditional look and taste can be quite uninteresting so to shake things up, our Knorr Chef for the 2nd time around, has come up with some brand new innovative recipes. Try these out and experience dhal through different textures and flavours and taste the difference.

Dhal and mushroom cutlet

Presented in the form of the ever popular cutlet, this is a delicious combination of dhal and mushroom. These crispy and golden crunchy bites are the perfect way to get your kids to eat mushroom, a highly nutritious ingredient.

Masala Dhal Curry 

A popular North Indian dish, this version of Dhal is a rich, creamy, flavourful  curry infused with a variety of aromatic spices. It’s a great accompaniment with all types of Indian breads, steamed rice, coconut and godhammba rotis. 

Dhal moju

A twist to the traditional brinjal moju, this recipe will certainly not disappoint. It consists of Knorr flavoured dhal and green gram flour, deep fried into balls of magic, mixed with green chilies and shallots! Transform your everyday rice meal with this unique pickle.

Creamy dhal macaroni

A much loved Italian dish “Lankanised”! The dhal adds a unique flavour and nutritional value to the rich and creamy sauce. Buon appetite!

Dhal omlette

Just when you thought an omelet couldn’t get any yummier! Power packed with taste and goodness, this recipe is a great quick fix for any time of the day.  

Crispy dhal and Gotukola rice

An unusual combination of pulse and greens, that really works. Rice mixed with crispy dhal and sautéed gotukola is simply delicious. A creative way to get the kids to eat their mallungs!

Dhal and spinach soup

Whip up this super easy, flavourful and wholesome soup as an entrée or for dinner paired with crusty bread. Dhal and spinach have always been a winning combination and this creamy soup is a winner too.