Cooking the perfect Basmati rice

Originating from the sanskrit word ‘vasamati’ which means ‘aromatic’ or ‘fragrant’, Basmati is a long grain rice traditionally from North India and Pakistan. 

Though a bit more pricy than the usual samba variety, Basmati is considered a healthier option and is known for its distinct aroma whilst cooking, unique flavour and fluffy texture.
Preparing basmati rice with the right texture and consistency can overwhelm even the most experienced of cooks, as the perfect rice must be soft and fluffy, with each grain completely separate. It is an excellent accompaniment for most Asian meat and vegetable dishes and as a fried rice.  Just follow these easy steps and be a B-Rice pro!!
  •  Wash the rice a few times till the water runs clear. This helps remove impurities and also reduces the starch content that can make your rice sticky.
  •  Soak the rice in plenty of water for a minimum of 20-30 minutes prior to cooking. This process allows the rice to absorb moisture, expand into long grains and reduces cooking time. It also ensures the fluffy texture once cooked.
  •  After draining the soaked rice, add water to commence cooking. (1 ½ cups water to 1 cup rice. Make sure you use the same measuring cup for both items.
  •  If using a pot/pan instead of the rice cooker, use a heavy bottomed pan with a good lid so that the rice cooks evenly. The size of the pot has to be suitable to the quantity of rice being cooked.
  •  Once done, allow the rice to sit for 5-10 minutes (do not open lid) and then fluff the rice gently. If you stir hot rice, it can break apart.

Tasty variations:

  •  Add a Knorr chicken cube and/or curry leaves when you start cooking to enhance the flavor of rice. 
  •  Before serving, garnish the fluffed rice with fried onions.