Fun Food Ideas for Kids’ Birthday Parties

This is a chance to be the coolest parent around! Plan a memorable kid’s party with a variety of sweet and savoury treats for your little guests to enjoy. Keep it simple, creative and delicious. The party food can be tailored to match any theme. 

Popcorn chicken

These crunchy bites are easy to make. Season the meat with Knorr Chicken Seasoning Powder for added flavour. Just dip in egg and breadcrumbs and deep fry. They can be served with a cheese dip.

Shaped sandwiches

All you need is a sandwich or biscuit cutter. The fillings you can create are endless with cheese, jam, fish, chicken or even mashed vegetables. Fruits and veggies make fun decorative garnishes too. 

Mini sausage rolls

Pre-made short crust pastry with flour, salt, Astra and cold water makes this a quick and tasty treat to make. Cover the mini sausages in the dough and bake. 

Funny face cookies

Simply ice plain cookies and add colourful sweets to create funny faces or designs.  

Fruit popsicles

These frozen desserts are a delightful change to the usual ice cream served at parties. Just puree fruits with lemonade or yogurt and pour into moulds to set. 

Cupcakes or cake pops

Always a hit with kids at parties. For added excitement, let them decorate their own before gobbling them down! 

Fairy bread

Just apply Astra on bread and sprinkle 100's and 1000's. Pure magic in your mouth! For added flavour, you can use chocolate or peanut butter spread.