Aluth Awuruddata Aluth Rasayak

With the melodious song of the Koha greeting us every morning, we know that the New Year is imminent. With it comes a sense of excitement, renewed hopes and the anticipation of meaningful “get- togethers” with family and friends.  As we reaffirm our bonds with loved ones, sharing a meal takes centre stage in all homes.  This presents the ideal opportunity to showcase ones culinary talents and a chance to try out some lip smacking, brand new recipes. This is where Knorr comes to your assistance! We have put together an exciting series of recipes that feature Knorr Chicken Cubes and Maldive Fish Powder Mix. 

Aluth Awuruddata Aluth Rasayak - Impress and indulge your guests with these tasty new treats this Avrudu!

Dried tomato and prawns 

A spicy combination of tomato and prawns.  Heightened with the flavours of garlic, lemongrass and soy, this dish is sure to impress.  

Fried ash plantain curry 

Fried ash plantain in a spicy, tangy thick coconut curry infused with the flavour of Maldive Fish. Simply delicious.  

Milk rice with green gram

A winning combination of Green gram and rice. The taste of Knorr Chicken cubes and fresh chili makes one experience this traditional dish in a whole new way.  

Crispy dhal and gotukola rice

Tempered rice with crunchy dhal and the healthy goodness of gotukola.  A unique combination that looks and tastes great. 

Sweet potato matchsticks and gotukola bedum

Deep fried sweet potato combined with crunchy peanuts and gotukola leaves. A sweet and spicy combination that will keep you wanting more. 

Mozzarella stuffed potato balls

Mozzarella stuffed potato balls in a rich, creamy, spiced coconut curry. An exciting dish with wonderful taste and texture. 

Quick and easy Seeni sambol

Traditional onion relish that is sweet and spicy with Knorr Maldive Fish Powder Mix giving the added flavour punch. Irresistible!