Beware of Kitchen hazards!

Did you know that after the bathroom, the most dangerous room in the home is the kitchen! Kitchen accidents cause disabling injuries and fatalities and dangers lurk everywhere. Here are a few common hazards that could occur and ways to avoid and minimise such disasters.

  •  Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking. If you need to leave for even a short time, turn the burners off or use a timer as a reminder to avoid a fire or pots from burning.
  •  Keep anything that is flammable away from your stovetop. (oven mitts, wooden utensils, paper towels, plastic bags, foil food packaging, towels or curtains etc) 
  •  Keep liquid away from hot oil; it will cause the oil to splatter and singe the skin. 
  •  Turn pot and pan handles away from oneself when cooking so that they can’t be knocked over. 
  •  Be careful when removing the pan cover to prevent the dreaded steam burn. 
  •  Use a non-slip cutting board or put a damp paper towel or damp kitchen cloth under your cutting board to prevent slipping. 
  •  Clean up spills immediately (water, oil, butter etc) – floors are slippery when wet. Keeping the kitchen floor clear of toys and other items and the use of non-slip rugs is important too.  
  •  Avoid long or loose fitting sleeves that can catch a flame.
  •  Always unplug kitchen appliances from the plug points and avoid using a multi-plug to plug in multiple appliances at once. 
  •  Do not use a box or other unstable surfaces to reach a high cupboard. Always use a sturdy chair or stool. 
  •  Store knives, forks and other sharp objects neatly in a drawer. Avoid clutter as it makes it difficult to see sharp utensils and can cause cuts and bruises when trying to reach for one.