Celebrate the flavors of Avurudu with Knorr

As the melodious koha chirps we are reminded that Avurudu time is almost here! The most exciting season where family, traditions and the sharing of food are intertwined.The traditional delicacies and elaborate meals prepared with love and care are shared with loved ones. 

Not only on New Year’s Day but almost through an entire week.  Due to the hustle and bustle of household chores leading up to the big day, cooking though one of the most important tasks, can be quite time consuming. Knorr Chef Chathurika, with you in mind, shares some tips on how to make cooking during Avurudu less tedious and more fulfilling.

1.    Auspicious times are made known in advance therefore; you can pre plan your meal/menu accordingly. For example, if it falls between breakfast and lunch, do not plan a complicated lunch with many items but keep it simple. Instead, you can make dinner the star meal with a variety of options.

2.    Decide on the menu of your Avurudu lunch at least a week in advance and stick to it.  Then, make a shopping list of the required ingredients and stock your kitchen with them early to avoid the last minute rush. For ideas, check out our specially created Avurudu menu.

3.    To avoid unnecessary anxiety and disappointment on the day, do not experiment but stick to recipes you have tried before. If trying something new, practice and perfect it.

4.    The traditional Sinhala Achcharu and Fish ambulthiyal are traditional ‘must haves’ and can easily be prepared even 5 days ahead.

5.    Choose a dessert that can be made in advance instead of one (eg –fruit salad) that needs to be made on the day. 

6.    Varieties of sweetmeats are served to and received from neighbors and loved ones who visit, and as a result, you will always have an excess of them. To avoid wastage of food and time spent in creating them, you can make a smaller quantity and combine with what you receive from others when serving the plates. 

7.    All Avurudu sweets contain a significant amount of fat so when planning your meals, keep the oil content at a minimum. Simple, spicy and flavourful meals will be appreciated.