The variety of cheeses and its use

If you visit the local supermarket, you will be quite surprised at the variety of cheeses displayed. Being a great source of protein and calcium, its taste and goodness makes it a firm favourite amongst young and old alike. Here is a quick guide to the types of cheese available and how it can be utilized.

Cheddar – available whole or as slices it is the ultimate versatile cheese. It can be grated and sprinkled in an omelet or macaroni pie or melted into a dip. Cheddar is delicious in potato salad, a sandwich/burger or even with crackers.
Parmesan- famous comfort food dish made with this is chicken parmesan! Parmesan can be grated over pasta or used to make pasta sauces and is delicious in casseroles and lasagna’s too.
Mozzarella - s hredded, whole or sliced, mozzarella is classically enjoyed on pizzas or with Italian pasta dishes and also makes a tasty addition to salads.
Edam – Edam ball hails from Amsterdam and comes with a red wax coating. It is usually paired as an elegant ‘bite’ with a glass of wine and works very well in cooking of sauces and soups.
Gouda –   grated, sliced, cubed or melted, it’s rich, unique flavour and smooth texture makes it yummy in a sandwich/bruschetta, with pasta or in salads.
Blue cheese – this somewhat odd looking cheese adds a unique flavor to dips, casseroles, pastas and soups.
Feta – this Greek specialty can be used in savoury pies, with baked or mashed potatoes, in a sandwich/baguette, on pizzas/pastas and in dips and salads.
Cream cheese – used mostly in dessert items, its soft creamy texture gives richness to cheesecakes and  goes well as a frosting on carrot cake, chocolate cake or cookies.
Brie – this French cheese has a buttery flavor and soft texture and can be used as an appetizer on crackers/chips or toast, in a sandwich, on pizzas, nachos and soup.
Camembert – another creamy French cheese that can be served in similar way to brie cheese. It is best with warm crusty bread.
Paneer – this fresh cheese is used in Indian cuisine and as it doesn’t melt like other cheeses, chunks of it can be stirred into soups or curries.