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Brand History

It all started in 1838…

To bring out the exceptional quality in beautiful flavours- that has been our main ingredient at Knorr for years. Our story dates back to 1838 with an extraordinary individual who understood the value a mother places on spending time with her family. Driven by this insight, Carl Heinrich Knorr wanted to create a product that would maximize time for family by simply reducing the time spent on cooking.

He began to experiment with drying vegetables and seasonings which preserved nutritional contents as well as flavour. Not only did this lead to a revolutionary breakthrough in culinary science, but it actually re-wrote the rules of, simply put, how to make a soup. In 1873 he launched Knorr dried soups across Continental Europe.

In 1912, the Knorr Bouillon cube, known today as the Knorr Stock Cube was introduced that paved the way for families to enjoy traditional and hearty cuisines, in the comfort of their own homes. It was no surprise that as soon as this product hit the shelves, it was a major success!

Over the years our team has kept working tirelessly to deliver timely and progressive innovations that have been entirely focused on making meal times a much less hassle free task and give you more time with your loved ones. We are committed help you cook nutritious better meals everyday that your family would simply love.

Knorr products are loved by 320 million people every day – and the products still carry the iconic signature of Carl Heinrich Knorr, with whom it all began. 

We Love Flavour

Chefmanship” has always been in the heart of the Knorr brand. When we hired our first Chef in the 1930s, it was done with the intention of partnering with “home cooks” to offer simple solutions that would make everyday cooking convenient. Today, we have over 300 chefs representing 48 nationalities, whose love of food inspires them to keep cracking the culinary codes, time and time again, to craft recipes that encompass visionary flavours, easy for anyone to prepare. Such a creation that has withstood the test of time has been the Knorr Stock Cube which is our biggest selling product to date.

We consistently aim to discover new ways to make simple food taste special, with great ideas and products. We go to extraordinary lengths to get the finest flavours from ingredients, and global cuisines share a special place in our heart. Our drive is fueled by our inimitable love of food. Our raison d'être is to help you cook wholesome, everyday meals brimming with flavour. 

We Love Food, the Way You Love Food

We are proud to say although we are an international brand, we know the importance of local pallet and meeting local consumer needs. Knorr products available in Sri Lanka have been recreated with care by our local Chefs to suit the local palate and the cuisine. Knorr Maldive fish powder mix is a product that was specially created to cater the Sri Lankan market. This customization further extends even to the international ranges available in the local market catering to that specific local flavor, now that Knorr is proud to have mastered.

A Sustainable Future

In celebration of 175 years of flavor, globally Knorr committed to further strengthen its promise and commitment to providing you with the highest quality food that enables us to seek a better future, one that encompasses sustainability. By 2020, our pledge is to sustainably source 100% of agricultural ingredients including vegetables, herbs, meats and spices. From seed to spoon, our drive for sustainability will ripple right throughout our entire business process, enabling you to associate with a responsible and ethical brand.

It isn’t an easy path, but supplying our ingredients responsibly would mean we could serve up a smile in every household around the world, and help you provide healthy and delicious meals for years to come.