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Meet Chef Kapila Jayanetti

There’s an inextinguishable fire in my belly when it comes to cooking, one that no amount of hours spent in the kitchen can satiate.

“There’s an inextinguishable fire in my belly when it comes to cooking, one that no amount of hours spent in the kitchen can satiate.”- Chef Kapila Jayanetti.

Chef Kapila believes that he was lured into the world of culinary magic through his upbringing where he had hands-on experience in growing vegetables and turning them to delicious home-made meals. Today he believes that the recipes written and dishes made by him, honours his belief in and preference for fresh flavours.

Chef Kapila’s ambitions took wing when he graduated from Ceylon Hotel School, first in his class. As just an apprentice he won a Silver Medal for his recipe of Chicken Ambulthiyal in 1990- just one of his many accomplishments. His experience in highly reputed hotel kitchens in Sri Lanka and the Middle East, have undoubtedly influenced his delivery in the Knorr kitchen.

1.What inspired you to become a chef?

In an unexpected turn of events, while I was looking for a job, I found my true calling at the bottom of a newspaper without even knowing it; a vacancy ad for a chef. I knew my way around spices and culinary techniques pretty well so I thought of applying. That first day, when I made a dish will never to be forgotten, it sort of completed me. And I knew from that day onwards that this was never going to be just a job.

2.Tell us one that you are particularly proud of having created

My Chicken Ambulthiyal recipe is something I hold very dear to my heart as it was one of the dishes I was recognized for just as a new-comer to the industry. Being medaled for a local favourite certainly adds value to it.

3.Do you have any general kitchen tips you’d like to share?

Always use fresh ingredients; it really makes a world of difference. And try and use aromatic herbs like oregano to make your meals a little more special.

4.What is the most essential ingredient that every kitchen should have?

Salt and Pepper. You need it in every step of preparation and in almost every recipe.

5.When did you join Knorr and how has your journey been for far?

I joined in the year 2012 and whenever I put on my chef’s hat inside the Knorr kitchen, I feel nothing less than inspired.

6.An expert tip for our home cooks?

Mushrooms should be wiped off with a damp cloth and not washed under the faucet since they are like sponges and will absorb the water.

Expert Advice from Chef Kapila:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different flavours and textures. What’s the worst that can happen? One dish can go wrong! But your family will thank you later in life for that lesson you learnt and how you grow as a cook.
  2. Remember when you are cooking you are playing with fire and knives. One simple rule I always hold to is clean up as you go. It’s frightening how many kitchen accidents are caused by negligence.
  3. Stay active, never stop learning and always try to enjoy and have fun with whatever you’re preparing- be it a complicated dish or something as simple as a salad.

Favourite food: Embul Kiribath.

Special skill: Professional Photographer and Food Stylist.

Favourite herb: Basil

On weekends you can find me: Spending time with my family.