Knorr celebrates 175 years of food and flavour

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Knorr celebrates 175 years of food and flavour

For the past 175 years, Knorr has been led by the philosophy that good food adds meaning to our lives through an intrinsic sense of fulfillment and happiness.

This has led Knorr to form wonderful relationships with mothers across the globe, empowering them to prepare delicious and wholesome meals for the ones they love. Along with 87 other countries, mothers in Sri Lanka too trust Knorr when it comes to creating great tasting family meals.

As one of the world’s largest and well known food brands, touching the lives of more than 320 million people every day, Knorr is passionate about including a touch of culinary expertise with every meal. Knorr’s worldwide outreach combined with local expertise allows the brand to recognize and cater to the different needs and cultural preferences through unique products and recipes. In Sri Lanka, Knorr has developed products tailored to the local taste buds such as the Maldive Fish Powder Mix which enhances the taste of Sri Lankan dishes. Even the Knorr Chicken Cubes, being a global product, are manufactured in Sri Lanka to a recipe which specifically suits the local palate.

Knorr believes in partnering with mothers to take everyday recipes and transform them into extraordinary meals. As culinary pioneers and guardians of taste, Knorr Chefs go to extraordinary lengths to find the best ingredients to develop products and recipes families the world over can enjoy. “As Knorr Chefs, we strive to guarantee good wholesome food made using fresh produce of high quality. We recognize the importance of great tasting meals and we also understand that less time spent cooking results in more time spent with your family,” said Senior Research and Development Manager – South Asia Chef Jatin Sethi.

Today, the Knorr team includes 300 expert chefs worldwide, representing over 48 nationalities, creating a rich culinary brand legacy. Knorr’s team of chefs in Sri Lanka comprises of Chef Kapila Jayanetti, Chef Saman Wijeratne and Chef W.A. Chathurika Anuradha whose significant contribution and love for food and flavours led them to uphold Knorr’s core beliefs in creating scrumptious dishes that families can make and enjoy every day.

As a Unilever global food brand, Knorr is committed to working towards a sustainable future. Knorr’s goal by the year 2020 is to ensure that 100% of all agriculture ingredients are obtained from sustainable sources. In line with its 175 anniversary, Knorr has announced that it will keep on investing €1 million every year towards the Knorr Sustainability Partnership Fund, which helps fund farmers and growers working on elaborate sustainable agriculture projects. Knorr’s commitment in creating innovative products using high quality ingredients, that are sustainably sourced, will always remain a promise kept.