Chef W.K. Chathurika Anuradha

Knorr Kitchen

Meet Chef Chathurika Anuradha

To create beautiful recipes brimming with flavour has always been Chef Chathurika’s passion, and armed with fresh ingredients and her favorite metal pan, she makes dishes embodying just that.

To create beautiful recipes brimming with flavour has always been Chef Chathurika’s passion. Her love for food began as a little girl when she first made traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry in little clay pots with her neighborhood friend. Her passion for food has heightened ever since.

Chef Chathurika’s professional rise started from knowledge gained at Win-Stone School of Culinary Arts where international cuisines were fused with her own love for food. She has made her mark in the culinary world, winning awards and medals at Chefs Guild of Lanka and many other international competitions. Her experience in star-classed hotel kitchens in Sri Lanka undoubtedly helps her excel in the Knorr kitchen too.

1. What inspired you to become a chef and what kept that fire burning?

Passion for inventing new flavours coupled with a curiosity to experiment with dishes. But it's my job itself that drives this passion. Early on in my career and even now as a Knorr Chef I travel to deep-rural areas of Sri Lanka to teach regular housewives how to make simple, delicious meals. I was directly empowering these women to serve happiness on a table through nutritious and better meals for their families. This emotional and humbling experience keeps my passion for food alive, which made me realize that this is why I love what I do; my own love for food inspiring others as well.

2. What recipes have you created that you’re particularly fond of?

My Crispy Kohila recipe is one of those that any mum with a fussy eater would appreciate. Am most proud of it when I see kids enjoying this dish made with a vegetable they hate.

3. What has your journey with Knorr been like so far?

In a few words; inspiring, professionally enlightening and personally enriching. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by where I haven’t learned something new or created something that I haven’t been proud of.

4. What is a good recipe for dinner involving an international cuisine with a Sri Lankan twist?

A spicy curried chicken pizza served with a tropical mixed fruit soup!

5. What is your best healthy cooking tip?

Reduce the intake of oil: Pour in a generous quantity of table salt into a non-stick pan. Fry the salt on a medium heat and then remove the remnants. You can now fry a bull’s eye, omelette or even sausages without any oil.

6. Expert advice from Chef Chathurika:

The dish that goes wrong today can be the one that you will master one day, and it will be “The Dish” which will earn you fame. So never give up, always learn from where you’ve failed and perfect what you set out to create.

  1. Make your cooking experience more pleasurable by organizing yourself. Plan your meal and ingredients before you start. Organize your kitchen with often used ingredients and utensils close to the stove.
  2. Make your kitchen a place you enjoy to be in. Decorate it with some pickled garlic, chilli and shallots stored in fancy jars. They will brighten your kitchen and can also be used to enhance the flavour while cooking.

Favourite cuisine: Fusion cuisine. I love creating recipes that have an unusual and delicious twist to it.

Worst kitchen accident: A friend accidently poured hot caramel on my hand which almost peeled my skin off!

Special skill: Carving and Food Styling

One dish to eat for the rest of my life: Biriyani

Favourite herb: Curry leaf

On weekends you can find me: Cooking with my husband and spending time with my family.