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Knorr Maldive Fish Powder Mix– Make the tasty change

Cooking family favourite dishes with excellent taste is what we mothers love to do. As Sri Lankans, one of the popular ingredients used is Maldive Fish and don’t we all just love the unique flavour that it brings to any dish? 
Unfortunately what is available in the local market is unclean, low in quality and high in price. 
Therefore to address this need, Knorr has created a Maldive Fish Powder Mix that is prepared hygienically with good quality Maldive fish and just the right mix of spices. Its versatility boosts flavour from the local pol-sambol to any vegetable or meat dish.Hence it was no surprise that 9/10 women who tried this product loved it, and were hooked on the taste and flavor it brought to the dish. 
Here are some more reasons why you should make the tasty change to Knorr Maldive Fish Powder Mix!
  • High quality- Knorr Maldive Fish Powder Mix is made with good quality Maldive fish therefore there is no dust, spots or fungus to worry about.
  • Smart packaging- It is manufactured and packaged to the highest standards of quality ensuring no contamination.  
  • No stress or mess – no need to wash, dry, clean or pound. It is ‘ready to use’ and a definite time saver. 
  • Taste it in every bite – its powder consistency enables it to permeate throughout the dish and its distinct flavor can be experienced consistently. 
  • Easy on the purse-. At only Rs 20/= a sachet or Rs 100/- for a carton of five, one is able to buy the product in small quantities, as per requirement.
I have created some innovative recipes featuring traditional ingredients and Knorr Maldive Fish Powder Mix that I hope you will enjoy. I encourage you all to try this product and taste the difference!
  1. Curried omelette
  2. Spicy bread bites 
  3. Stuffed snake gourd cutlets
  4. Creamy and spicy potato spread 
  5. Polos curry